Gift a memorable experience

These days, the task of maintaining relationships is an integral part of life, and we go out of our way to keep others happy. We strive to show them how much they mean to us; and to do this, we search for ways to express our emotions.

But we always find it difficult to choose an appropriate gesture to express our real feelings. The lack of meaning behind a gift can truly undermine a relationship, and in many ways, jeopardize it too. At Iris, we understand the importance of that gesture, and strive to deliver all the emotions and meaning through our gifting collection. We aim not only at preserving relationships, but also at enhancing them.

If you arelooking to create a lasting, fragrant bond with a customer, Iris is the right solution. Choose from our array of exquisite fragrances and innovative delivery systems.

Distributorship enquiry?
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The IRIS line of fragrance products can be customised as per our client’s need. Our innovative fragrance delivery systems and aesthetic designs are a true treat for the senses.

Our product range consists of
  1. Reed diffusers
  2. Fragrance vapourizers
  3. Potpourri
  4. Combination of fragrance products
  5. Speciality incense
  6. Aroma candles
  7. Pillow mister

Our prices (in MRP value) range from Rs.45–Rs.1200
We can customize each of these categories in terms of affixing the client’s logo, stickering/printing of  the  brand message on the packet, etc. We can also customize fragrances and forms for large orders above 5000 pieces. Minimum order quantity will change with the kind of customization desired. We invite you to let Iris create fragrant bonds with your clients and loved ones!


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