There’s an interesting story behind every inviting fragrance.
Read on to know more about how different fragrances affect
our moods differently.

Researchers have found that certain fragrances can have a direct impact on emotions and behaviours. This could range from fragrances that increase romantic desire to fragrances that make people feel safe and secure. Certain fragrances can even make small spaces seem larger and help increase the pace of learning.

“Incorporating the right fragrances into daily life can have a positive effect on well being,
and helps people live a healthy, happy life.,” says Dr. Alan Hirsch, M.D., Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation in Chicago, where he conducts in-depth studies on the olfactive sense and its relation to all aspects of life - including behaviour, emotions, mood and / or interactions with individuals.

The following are the results of a study conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch, Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation, by placing specific scents in different locations in homes and offices:


Impact on Mood

Suggested Use

Holiday Sparkle

Keeps you awake and alert.

Light these candles at parties to energize your guests.

Apple Orchard

Makes spaces seem larger.

Place in small rooms to make visitors feel at home.


Makes you feel safe and secure.

Place in guest room to make visitors feel at home.


Makes you learn faster.

Place in a home office to get work done quicker.

Cucumber Melon

Relieves anxiety/increases sensuality in women.

Place in the bedroom to induce feelings of relaxation and sensuality in women.

Harbor Mist

Increases the speed of learning.

Place on your desk to solve problems faster.


Relaxes your mind and body.

Place in the bathroom when taking a bath to ease stress and relax tense muscles.


Helps you focus on more important things.

Place in the living room to distract you from tedious tasks like cleaning!

Green Mango

A unique scent for creating memories.

Place in the living room at every party to remind guests of fun times.

The story behind each fragrance

The fresh scent of Lavender is known to simultaneously stimulate and relax the body. It soothes and calms the spirit while energizing the soul. The fragrance of Lavender is known to calm, release and balance strong emotions such as frustration, irritability, nervous anxiety, panic hysteria and insomnia. Good for men, women and children

Melon Musk
The sweet subtle aroma of Melon, blended with the tinge of musky spice, elevates the spirit while adding that extra zing to the mood. The whiff of Melon Musk exudes warmth, relaxing the senses and spreading the feeling of well being.

Orange Blossom
Come alive with the freshness of Tangerine. The zesty scent revitalizes tired nerves and peps up the atmosphere. As the aroma of Orange Blossom wafts into the air, watch its brightness blow the blues away.

Apple Cinnamon
Add the flavor of Apple and a hint of Cinnamon, and voila, you get the prefect recipe to recharge and refresh. The fruit fragrance gently awakens the exhausted mind, while Cinnamon works its magic and stimulates its energy and vitality.

Calming, energizing and balancing, the scent of Jasmine brings us  possibilities, hope,  confidence.

Balancing and energizing to the Chakras – especially the heart – it is calming and  energy balancing while protecting the wearer from negative influences.

Gives a sense of security and spiritual attunement. Keeps your heart open, and connected to all things; reduces anger. This divine mixture of Amber and rose protects us from negative influences. Reduces anger and provides a sense of security and spiritual attainment.

Ylang, Ylang
The fragrance of Ylang Ylang creates warmth, helps in enhancing self confidence and sensitivity.

The refreshing fragrance of Marigold rejuvenates and energies; it comforts the heart, and spirit, and alleviates depression.

Sandal Cinnamon
Sandalwood helps to keep you grounded, close to your divine essence, and helps through periods of fear. Mixed with Cinnamon, this blend is also supportive of the heart. It helps in sluggishness, and has aphrodisiac properties too.

The Basil plant is considered sacred in India, as it opens the heart and brings harmony to the mind. Basil has strong effects on emotions, and can be a source of strength when we are afraid or sad. It has several properties that can be beneficial to a person with asthma or headaches.

Jasmine Neroli
Neroli connects you to the God within; it gives confidence and strength to the mind and has relaxing properties that help in case of sleeplessness. It can be an ally during times of stress. Mixed with Jasmine, this blend can bring us balance, possibilities, hope and confidence.

Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass is an excellent anti-depressant, and can aid concentration. It is one of the oils least tolerated by insects.

The balsamic, almost wine-like sweet fragrance reduces anxiety. Smell the delicate earthiness, and enhance your self confidence. Mandarin is a variety of Tangerine that is very calming and soothing during stress. It can bring cheer to the atmosphere. Good for children, the aroma is excellent for digestion.