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Making Freshness Omnipresent

  Room Fresheners
   Bring home the freshness of nature

Available in attractive 160gm containers.

• Exclusive fragrance blends created in-house by renowned fragrance creators.
• Fragrances customised for Indian market.
• Creates natural ambience. Hence, consumers can make their home Lia fresh.
• Consumer friendly spray-through caps for ease and safety.
• One Can will provide 600 sprays of 2-3 seconds duration.
Available fragrances: Lavender, Rose, Sandal, Jasmine, Amber Drops, Sea Breeze.

Car Fresheners
Freshness of nature in your car

Combi pack with adjustable fragrance diffuser, 9ml fragrance bottle and vent clip

• Exclusive fragrance blends created by master blenders.
Designed to suit all Indian conditions.
• Jerk-proof bottle console ensures that the fragrance bottle does not fall off even in
..unfavorable road conditions.
• Makes cars nature fresh.
• Fits all A/C vents. For horizontal vents, the vent clip should be fixed vertically, for vertical
..vents, the clip should be fixed horizontally.
Will last for a minimum of 60 days.

Lia Freshness Danglers

• Freshness danglers are danglers made of paper pulp board, which are impregnated with
.. fragrance. They disseminate fragrance by surface evaporation.
• Freshness danglers are convenient economical ways to freshen your homes and cars.


Lia HOMfresh

• Ideal for cupboards, small rooms and cabins
• Fragrance will last for around a month.
• Fragrances: Sea Breeze and Melon.

Lia Car Fresh with Refresher Vial

• Can be hung in the car from the viewing mirror
• Will work well in Non-A/C cars too
• Fragrance will last for around 12 days , then it can be refreshed by spraying fragrance from
.. the vial

Lia Atomizer

• Automatic Fragrance Dispenser
• Time setting – 9/18/36 minutes
• Refill can of 250ml will give 3000 sprays
• Light sensor in Dispenser
• Fragrances available – Sea Breeze and Amber Drops


lia car fragrance

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